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In visiting Malawi in Africa recently, the notion of a support group has really come home for me. One of the things I will do more consciously now I’m home is set up a group of people who can support me in my ‘biggest life’, and I can support them. Not as friends and mates but in a more accountable way.

THP’s work is more in the ‘software’ of human capacity: vision, leadership, shifting the mindset, rather than the ‘hardware’. This ‘software’ is the often invisible platform for all the amazing results. Central to this are support groups. I met with the Mothers to Mothers group who have as their responsibility seeking out pregnant mums, making sure they have good nutrition, get to a safe birthing centre etc. Or the Agricultural group who train others in better farm practices to increase yields. All are volunteers, all have clear accountabilities, all are touching lives in a way that builds esteem, courage, resilience and accomplishment.

Central to their success is that they do it together. Women supporting each other, laughing, walking together, making stuff happen

Thank you to all the people in my life who have supported me. Too many to name. I will be taking this concept to a whole new level when I get home‪#‎excited‬‪#‎moved‬