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Exciting news! It’s official…

You know I love to empower people to lead – so I’m thrilled to let you know I’m launching a new group coaching program for teams and organisations called The Leadership Accelerator.

My goal with this launch is to help 4 organisations:

  • Achieve results with less stress and reactivity
  • Grow great people into incredible leaders
  • Expand the pool of leaders you have who make a difference where it matters

Why am I offering The Leadership Accelerator?

I created this program because I see people in organisations and businesses struggle with similar things:

1) A Scarcity Mindset – the belief there is not enough time / money / people / confidence / (insert what you feel you lack) – to achieve the goals. This causes stress, reduces belief and possibility, and sabotages success.

2) Unseen, untapped, or unguided talent. There is immense capacity and heart already existing in organisations, yet it is largely overlooked. Leadership is not an entitlement. It can be activated and mobilised anywhere in the organisation – with remarkable results.

3) Being derailed and disempowered by challenges. This is a big one right now, and while understandable, one thing is true: Circumstances don’t define you, you do. Even with a lot going on, progress can be made – and mindsets hold the key.

If you’re struggling with any of these, and want to see if your team or organisation is a good fit for one of the 4 spots, hit reply and let me know!