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In 1992 I visited Ethiopia as a volunteer with THP. In a moving, life-changing encounter I met and connected deeply with people living in hunger, and I promised to take action that made their world, and their stories visible.

I have since met thousands of people, mainly women, who wake up every day to the challenge of feeding their family amidst conditions of patriarchy and deprivation. They inspire me. They never give up. They face huge challenges but they get on with it.

Human beings are extraordinary and I stand for that potential in myself and others.

My intention is for this book to demonstrate and illuminate the inner personal leaps we are all capable of making in order to harness the full power of human potential.

I believe every single person is equipped with the fundamental and innate power for extraordinary transformative change. I believe the capacity we all have for leadership is often not expressed or acknowledged.

We all need to move out of our smallness. Only then can we own and act on the power we have to shape the world we want to live in.

For all our education and wealth, many of us still have an attitude of ‘Who, me?’ and deny the power we each have to take action. Many of us are Unlikely Leaders in hiding.