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This is your personal invitation to join me to chart a new way to lead your business and your life with greater freedom, joy, and success.

Welcome to the

The Soulful Leaders Circle is a premium and intimate Business Club for female leaders and business owners who are looking to flourish at both a soul and a business level. Soulful Leaders Circle is curated and facilitated by Cathy Burke. There are only 8 women per Circle.

Each Soulful Leaders Circle meets for one day each quarter in the stunning Byron Bay area. This is your chance to get inspired and renewed – to work on your business instead of in it, in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Be supported to lead your business and live your life with greater purpose, clarity, energy, and joy.

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The Soulful Leaders Circle

is for women who

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Why Soulful Leaders?

There is a profound idea in psychology about the 2 stages of a person’s life.

The first stage of life asks the question “What does the world want of me?” We live to answer that question - We get partners, an education. We start businesses, we make money. We do what the world expects and wants from us.

As we get older though, this isn’t enough. A restlessness comes in. This is because we have moved into the second stage of life, and this stage asks a different question. It wants to know “What does my soul ask of me?”

The Soulful Leaders Circle has this question at its core. It will support you to answer this question, and live your life with meaning, courage, and soul.

From Grind To Greatness

it’s possible, doable, and necessary








Legacy, Impact, Expansion, Personal, Mastery

Flow, Ease, Guided, Purposeful, Connected

Learning, Implementing, Hopeful, Supported

Stressed, Alone, On a Treadmill, "The Thrill is Gone"

Too many incredible women are stuck GRINDING out the results. What started with excitement has become relentless and joyless. Part of the problem is feeling alone. Who’s in your corner? Where can you authentically share where you’re at and get the lift you need?

We’ve all been there, but it can feel really lonely. If that’s you – we’ve got you.

If you’re at GROWTH, you’re on an upward trajectory. It’s important to be supported by other women who see you and believe in you. Through practice, implementation, and ideation – you will GROW into your greatness.

When we lead with GRACE we are in the zone. We experience flow and ease. Our inner guidance is finely tuned. Opportunities and pathways flow to us. The stress has gone, and the thrill is back. We are present and alive.

There is power and majesty in owning our GREATNESS. From here we expand our impact and look beyond what we thought was possible. We’re playing the game on our own terms – we are trail-blazers and rule-breakers. We express our soul’s urge in the most powerful way.


journey for women in the

Business Circle

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The Specifics



Your Investment

$8,000 for 12 months

(Quarterly payments of $2,400 for 12 months is available.)

This Includes

NB: Flights and transfers to the mini-retreat days are not included


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About Cathy Burke

About Cathy Burke

Cathy works fearlessly to unleash the courage and brilliance of women. She is passionate about women claiming their place to make their maximum impact in whatever arena they choose.

Cathy is a globally recognised facilitator of women’s leadership. For 20 years she was the CEO of The Hunger Project Australia, working to end hunger across South Asia and Africa.

Cathy played a key role in developing leadership at scale in villages all over the world. She built an organisation that is

successful, impactful, and highly regarded. Cathy’s work is forged in her decades long global activism for women, and her own personal journey of growth and leadership.

She is an awarded CEO, and the author of Unlikely Leaders: Lessons in Leadership from the Village Classroom and Lead In: Mindsets to Lead, Live and Work Differently.

She lives and works on the unceded lands of the Widjabul Wia-bal people of Bundjalung nation, on nearly 100 acres close to Byron Bay NSW.

What Other Women

Say About Cathy

“As a woman CEO in tech, working with Cathy has been transformational for me. It’s about leadership and the way you do business and life – but it’s so much more. She has changed the way I think, the way I view the world, and what I see is possible.”

Janelle King, CEO, Omnium Technology

“What I learned from Cathy motivated me to create programs for women which this year were recognized as “diversity initiative of the year” by Women in IT.”

Trina Limpert, President, Women@eBay

“Cathy is an authentic source for wise professional and personal guidance to make the most of the one life you have to live. I credit her in my success in growing a non-profit globally across 100 countries, reaching 10 million people.”

Scarlett Lewis, Founder and Chief Movement Officer, Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement


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