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I’m deep in the process of designing The Leadership Accelerator program – aka the best bloody thing ever to cultivating authentic, effective and inspired leadership in people, teams and organisations.

I’m a bit obsessed – while I have still have time to wash my hair and dance at parties – I’m all in on The Leadership Accelerator. It will make impactful leadership accessible and applicable to so many more people.

And why? Because it’s time.

We need to democratise leadership, and widen our scope for meaningful change.

Creating The Leadership Accelerator has me mapping IP, designing materials, recording modules, and being fiendishly simple to not overwhelm. It’s a solitary process to some extent – but it isn’t happening in a vacuum. It’s taking a village. Including:

Leo, who’s been hard at work meditating on what’s possible for people to move out of their old beliefs and into a bigger world. He’s a terrific supporter – (though mind you, he will tell me anything I want to hear in exchange for snacks, so he is a bit unreliable.). Luckily for organisations in the program, I test the impact of The Leadership Accelerator’s IP in other ways.

Such as with…

The many organisations I’ve been working with, (who, unlike Leo, can’t be bought off with snacks!) My clever, committed clients always help me sharpen my message, approach, and impact. For example, this is a team of 80 I worked with just last week in Sydney!

The Leadership Accelerator is a mixture of world-class online leadership curriculum created by yours truly – AND – group coaching in real time with me (so important to transform insight into action).

Plus, I have loads of additional bonuses because I’m here to help you and your team really make the difference they can – in a way that renews and inspires.

The program is open now for 4 lucky organisations. When you sign on, each member receives a full 12-months of access to the coaching, curriculum, and community to help them elevate and evolve their leadership so it shines as bright and clear as possible. (And without being salesy, the launch price is the cheapest I will be offering The Leadership Accelerator – for the next 11 days only.)

If you are serious about making progress toward developing the people you rely on to deliver your mission, and you want the guidance, accountability, and support to make it happen….

Hit reply and let’s chat.

Until next time,