- Focus On The Right Things

- Move big agendas


- Break through

With complexity and unrelenting change only accelerating, it’s clear the old ways of leading are not sufficient. Good people are swamped, and barely hanging on – or worse – losing hope and opting out. Possibility thinking feels like a memory. Energy and drive are thwarted.

With complexity and unrelenting change only accelerating, it’s clear the old ways of leading are not sufficient. Good people are swamped, and barely hanging on – or worse – losing hope and opting out. Possibility thinking feels like a memory. Energy and drive are thwarted.

Yet there is a way to energise leadership that is inclusive,
impactful and inspiring – and mindsets hold the key.

The Leaders Mindset program is practical and accessible training
to identify the mindsets needed to take the business forward, and embed them.

So much of what needs to change in organizations comes down to mindset. Twenty-first-century leaders are expected to have a growth mindset.

— David Mallon, Vice President and Chief Analyst at Bersin by
Deloitte Consulting LLP, 2019

Are you in a team or organisation that

  • Is ready to move past the last few years but needs to invigorate
    the leadership and execution to bring a better future about?
  • Is unsure how to support and empower the people who have already given so much?
  • Falls into scarcity thinking – not enough time/money/people?
  • Worries that you’re losing good people?
  • Trapped in an old mindset of how things have always been done, and
    moving too slowly on what the future is bringing?
  • Excited about the future but need to bring your people along with you?

What’s happening is old habits and behaviour are driving results. People are reactive to the conditions and challenges, and these pull focus on the urgent, not the important. Instead of digging in even harder to grind out results, a new approach is needed.

By Microsoft developing a leadership mindset, managers and team members become more positive, innovative, open and engaged despite the tsunami of constant change. Focusing on mindsets is the reason Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella gives for the doubling of share price in just 4 years.

— London Business School, 2018

A Leaders Mindset is a
proven approach for
leading in difficult times.

Mindset is key to business growth, company turnarounds, and community transformation.

By developing a Leadership Mindset, managers and team members become more positive, innovative, open and engaged despite upheaval and uncertainty.

Big work agendas become possible.




of organizations rated their leadership development programs as not very effective. This is because most overlook a specific attribute that is foundational to how leaders think, learn, and behave: their mindsets.

Prof Gottfredson and Asst. Prof Reina Science Direct Journal, 2020

Employees in growth mindset organizations are 47% likelier to see their colleagues as trustworthy; 34% likelier to feel a strong sense of ownership and commitment to the company; 65% likelier to say that the company supports risk taking; and 49% likelier to say that the company fosters innovation.

Carol Dweck, Harvard Business Review 2014


of consultants who work on their mindset reach out to clients at least weekly compared with only


of consultants who don’t work 28% on their mindset survey to 36,000 consultants and business owners (2020)

Learning and Leadership

are considered the top 2 most urgent

priorities organizations are facing.

Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends survey, 2019

Teams using growth mindset increase their confidence over trials and end up setting more challenging goals for themselves in the long run.

Schroder, Moran, Donnellan & Moser 2014


Organisations will

Expand capacity, resourcefulness and resilience
Create more alignment and less conflict, constraint and limitation
Ignite a perspective of possibility
Activate more thinking outside the box thinking
Challenge limiting personal and organisational mindsets
Make change agendas possible and achievable


Executives will

Step into a new understanding of what leadership is, and how to express it powerfully in complex, ever changing environments
Gain practical tools to avoid being derailed by setbacks and challenges
Understand their default leading style and how to shift it
Learn how to shift limiting beliefs to ones that get results


Mission driven organisations with great people doing important work
Large organisations with entrenched mindsets wanting to forge a transformation agenda
Sales teams needing to reach targets
Ambitious go-getting teams hungry to accelerate results and make new opportunities

Move From A Limited To A Leaders Mindset

People who lead from DOUBT second guess themselves, not sure if they are in the right team. It takes a lot of effort for them to execute well. At DOUBT, people need to DECIDE – that they can lead, show up powerfully, and are in the right place.

HABIT is leading with what you know and are known for. You react in the way you always have. You don’t want to get things wrong. At HABIT, focus on EXPLORE. Try new things and experiment. Falling offers new data for growth.

INSIGHT brings the awareness critical for effective leadership. You learn that you are more capable than you think, and can grow and change. At INSIGHT, focus on ACTION that is inclusive and future orientated.

At IMPACT you are achieving great things. You are accountable, effective and responsible. At this level the focus is on how you LEAD. Reframe leadership from the egoic to the servant. Lead with courage, generosity and the mission in mind.

EXCELLENCE the hallmark of a high performing team. The focus here is on LEGACY and contributing powerfully to an organisation and mission that outlives you.

This is the hallmark of a Leaders Mindset – irrespective of the challenging reality, you and your team are equipped to respond powerfully and choose leadership at any time.

3 key distinctions sit
at the heart of developing
a Leader’s Mindset for you and
your organisation


Be aware of limiting beliefs and old stories that keep you stuck. Grow in your understanding of what drives your behaviour.


Apply that awareness through practice. Try new things. Move from insight to action.


Achieve greater results with less constraint and stress. Create a bigger vision for the results that are possible and the impact that will make.

How the Leaders Mindset program works


The Leaders Mindset Foundation is where you’ll start. It is a highly illuminating and engaging one day leadership program that introduces key concepts with practical application to introduce a Leaders Mindset within your team or organisation.

People will learn The Mindset Process, ™ a leadership tool to transform limiting beliefs, old mindsets and reactivity, into inspired, focused action.

Level up your leadership with this essential Leaders Mindset foundation.

(Can be delivered face to face, or online.)

Leaders Mindset Foundation Covers

How mindsets are key to your success
Where you sit on the Leadership Ladder, and what you need to focus on
What can be achieved without old beliefs holding back
Awareness of default leading styles and what to do about it
Mindsets to avoid and ones to adopt
Activate the Leaders Mindset and increase your energy, impact and hope
How to Lead In and not be derailed by circumstances
The Mindset Process™ and create action steps to embed the new mindsets

Leaders Mindset Intensive

For teams and organisations who want to embed culture and team change.
Bespoke program over 6-18 months to activate and sustain leadership mindsets across a team or business.

Contact Cathy


Mindset is the lens through which all decisions are made, and we are often unaware of it. It governs how we respond to challenges, what decisions we make and even who gets hired. When left unquestioned, mindset can seriously limit effectiveness and increase drag in every organisation –
compromising outcomes, focus and agility.

So much of what challenges us can be improved by unearthing and transforming our unexamined beliefs and assumptions that are holding us back. Whilst there are improvements and technology fixes organisations can do to help people be more productive, without a mindset upgrade, they won’t be sustainable or effective.

Now is when it’s most important to develop a Leaders Mindset. Organisations are realising this is a ‘need to have’ not a ‘nice to have’. When we feel we have no control, and we see proof of this, we give our power over
to the external challenges. This creates resignation, fear and despair. People feel overwhelmed, with little scope to take on anything else. It then seems there isn't enough time, money or people to do what’s needed.

A Leaders Mindset helps vaccinate you and your team against hopelessness. Mindset work is critical to being able to direct your course through the turbulence.

My experience in building incredible teams producing
real-world impact was forged through my 20 years as a global leader at The Hunger Project. I was at the forefront of building the leadership and resources to end hunger. The work was demanding, and required intense levels of focus, acuity and ability to connect across multiple stakeholders
and countries.

I understand the challenges executives face and I also believe in the power available when leadership is unlocked in everyone. I’ve now worked with some of the biggest companies in the world to help them develop the
leadership and resilience needed to tackle 21st Century challenges. People work with me because I am an authentic leader who knows how to unlock greater capacity, joy and resilience in others in a way that gets results.

Yes. We can discuss how this might work for your situation.

A lot of the work I do with organisations goes for over a year, depending on the outcomes they want, and the number of people involved. That said, it always starts with this Foundation program, because it offers the principles of leadership and mindsets that future success is built upon.

What Cathy’s Clients Say

Hiromi Kuehn

Director Amazon Japan

“Cathy is an exceptional coach. She listened to our team’s challenges and partnered with us to tackle opportunities together. She has helped my team think differently and guided us to find our own solutions.”

Nick Nairn

CEO Stuart Alexanders

“Cathy has been instrumental in implementing a mindset change across my Leadership Team which has turned a legacy business into a future focused, dynamic enterprise. This has

been done in a highly collaborative way that has been fit for purpose.”

Joris Heeze

Director Google

“Cathy’s expertise on mindset and leadership leads to exceptional results. I trust Cathy because her success comes from making those she works with accountable, empowered and ready for their success. She has made me a better leader, father and friend.”

Steve Boehm

COO Barings

“Cathy Burke reframes business leaders thinking about mindset, servant leadership, and team-based achievement. I have applied her work in three different companies across multiple cultures around the world, and this has made me a better senior leader and a more aligned complete person.”

About Cathy Burke

Cathy Burke helps organisations and people develop the mindsets, leadership and skills needed to address 21st Century challenges. As a world class mindset expert, Cathy brings her experience to help ambitious people and organisations break through the blockages and achieve remarkable results.

Like you, Cathy understands the challenges of leading people, producing results in complex environments, and being accountable for budgets and delivery. For 20 years she was the CEO for The Hunger Project Australia, and then Global Vice President, working to end hunger across South Asia and Africa. She was an integral member of a visionary team who developed leadership at scale in villages all over the world. Through her work, millions of the world’s poorest people stepped into their leadership and were able to feed themselves and their families.

Cathy is the author of Lead In: Mindsets to Lead, Live and Work Differently, and Unlikely Leaders: Lessons in Leadership from the Village Classroom. She is a winner of the Australian Davos leadership award, and AFR Women of Influence award.

Cathy’s clients include