About Cathy

I work with people and organisations to unlock the power of mindsets.

I’ve worked with mindsets for more than twenty years. In my previous life as Australian CEO and Global Vice President of The Hunger Project, transforming mindsets was the foundation of my work in villages around the world. Even in the most difficult conditions, time and again people without anything were able to tap into the power of their mindset to achieve remarkable outcomes in their communities.

I am inspired by human potential. There are many people who have taught me so much: like Rhada – married at thirteen and a mother at fourteen, with no education, using her thumbprint as her signature – rising above her circumstances to bring water (or education, or food, or…) to her village. She is no longer defined by her circumstances. She is not controlled by her past beliefs or status. She taps into something else. Her vision. Her leadership ability. Her power as a human being. And she accomplishes from there. This is the power of developing a leaders mindset.

I have seen this over again, and I always find it incredible. It’s led me on a life long quest to understand the process of change, culture and transformation, and make it available to others.

I now bring this deep experience and knowledge to help organisations and people develop a leadership mindset. I’ve done it with eBay in Silicon Valley, with big and small organisations in Australia, and with individual people who want to empower their leadership ability to impact, influence and make a difference.

I am always questing for the answer to ‘what are we truly capable of?’ I bring this restless, unerring commitment to organisations and people. Let me help you and your team be great!

I am many things. I’m one of seven children (number two!). I love rock and roll played loud. I’m an enthusiastic lounge room dancer. I’ve been meditating for 31 years and committed to my evolution. I’ve raised two kids and I’m still madly in love with my gorgeous husband. I try to live and be in the world as kindly and authentically as possible. With me, what you see is what you get.

I am also an awarded CEO and thought leader, (including) winning the AFR Women of Influence Awards 2014, and the 2007 Davos Australia Leadership award. I am the author of Unlikely Leaders: Lessons in Leadership from the Village Classroom (2015)

Thanks for stopping by. Let me know how I might support your leadership endeavours.