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One of the things I most love is empowering women to be their amazing, fearless, courageous, incredible selves – and to express this in a way that supports and sustains the sort of leadership that really makes a difference.

My Rising Circle program does this. It’s a 12 month training for women (all online), built upon my decades of experience in developing and encouraging women’s leadership to rise in complex, challenging and sometimes even hostile environments.

Since its creation 3 years ago, Rising has developed into a profound leadership space for women to sharpen their focus, soften their internal criticism, and reboot their vision – all within a context of growth, development, and results.

And I am so pleased to let you know the 2023 intake is now open – for a short time only.

Rising Circle is for women who

  • Are looking for professional and personal development that is relevant and transformative
  • Want to learn and grow – breaking free from old patterns
  • Think about what else is possible – and are ready to act
  • Want a place to ‘hell yeah’ your magnificence and unleash your ambition
  • Are ready to discover new possibilities for your life and the world
  • Know this is the year…

If this is you, then welcome to Rising Circle.

Rising Circle offers:

  • Clarity and focus
  • Mindsets and support to achieve what you really want
  • Profession and personal development you can apply in every area of your life and work
  • A community of encouraging, clever women to share with, contribute to, and learn from
  • A new way to live and lead
  • More joy, more lightness of being, and more flow
  • Tools to let go of unhelpful beliefs that hold you back
  • Unexpected grace, ideas, and self compassion
  • Permission and a foundation to unleash your ambition and achieve your goals

Rising Circle is open for a short time only. Please register if you are interested, and please share widely with women you think would flourish in this space.

Much love