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Are you a female leader
or businesses owner who:

  • Wants to achieve more but you’re unsure how
  • Has unhelpful beliefs about your abilities that keep you stuck
  • Lacks a community of supportive, clever women to share and learn from
  • Worries you’re not good enough
  • Needs a new way to live and lead because the old way just isn’t working anymore
  • Sees the difference you could make, but you hesitate stepping into that
  • Wants more joy, more lightness of being, and more flow

Yearning to live a more authentic life AND kick those career or personal goals can seem like an impossible puzzle. The mental and emotional space to even think about what we truly want eludes us. And if we are ready to lead in a more authentic, enriching life, where do we even start? This stuckness erodes our energy and our soul.

I see too many amazing women tied up in knots, and not blazing brightly in the way they could. Whether it’s to change the world, or start a new business, women want to work and live in a way that is more fulfilling. Women want to claim their ambition and really go for it, yet something holds them back.

The calling of your own heart is getting louder and more urgent, but you haven’t had the support, tools and network to amplify it.

Until now.

Hiding doesn’t serve anyone. It locks away the innate potential for women to rise. If this is you, you need Initiation. You need to begin. Take that first step. Make that move in the direction of the future you want.

If you find yourself hesitating, you are getting stuck in your own way. You might wonder whether you are good enough, (even deserving enough?) to live a bigger life. If so, what you need is Connection. Connecting with other women who see you and get you. Connecting with your own vision and ability. Connecting to your fierce longing.

If you are hoping your plans work out, hoping you’ll be noticed, or even hoping that the phone will ring - you are in a holding pattern. Hope is not a strategy. To access your power and rise in a way that expresses who you are, you need Activation. Being activated has you take the reins of your own life.

At Expanding, your dreams are already manifesting in the physical world. You’re doing this! It’s happening! You might find though you are holding too tight, copying old forms of leadership that don’t fill your well. Gaining Mastery means you seek out continued growth and support because you know the sky’s the limit.

Lighting is where you’re ready to move beyond your personal impact, and focus instead on lighting the path for others. You’ve achieved things, and now you are thinking on how to share your gifts in a way that makes the biggest difference. This is where you consider your Legacy, and you fully own who you really are.

Rising Circle

It’s time to rise

Rising Circle is a 12 month, live online community of connection and belonging for women who want to rise. If you yearn to unfold your dreams, this is for you. If you want to be in the world with more grace and space, this is your place.

Rising Circle gives you access to world class leadership development by Cathy Burke, a woman who knows something about what it takes to get out of your own way and make an impact. It also offers a community of women who support others, and are supported as well.


“This is the time for women to rise. What can often get in our way is our old stories, and a lack of community to help us grow. Rising Circle brings women together in a new model of leadership that recognises we don’t need to be fixed. We are enough as we are - to lead, to love, and to live in a way that is true to ourselves.”

Cathy Burke

Rising Circle is part of the Rising Curriculum that
offers a pathway of fulfilment and achievement for women.
No matter where you are in your own journey, Rising has your back.

In Rising you’ll get:

The FOCUS to hone in on what you truly want, and the tools to bring it to life.

IMPACT in the real world through realising the power you have to achieve what you dream of.

The ability to EXECUTE your ideas, and make it happen.

With Focus and Execute you’ll find a PATHWAY that leads you to where you want to go.

With Impact and Focus you’ll experience the FULFILMENT and joy that comes from accomplishing something meaningful to you.

With Execute and Impact you’ll receive the MOMENTUM and flow that comes when you are doing what you need to be doing, and being who you always were.


Rising Circle

Rising Circle offers a paradigm of wholeness and leadership
that is relevant, nourishing and inspiring.

You’ll receive from Rising Circle:

  • The connection you need to juice up your ambition and reach the stars
  • Inspiration and leadership insights from Cathy Burke, delivered in monthly live online sessions
  • Support in a community of like minded women who get you

Rising Circle is ideal for you if you:

  • Have plans baby! You want help in reaching for the stars
  • Want to work and lead in a new way
  • Are hungry for growth
  • Know you do better when you’re with others you can bounce off and cheer on
  • Know it’s time

Rising Circle is not ideal for you if you:

  • Are not really committed to growth
  • Want to stay stuck in old patterns because its comfortable
  • Not ready to take a leap
  • Just want to be fixed

We are the one’s we’ve
been waiting for!

Leadership sessions
with Cathy
VALUED AT $9,000

  • Leadership insights that you can apply
  • Specifically crafted empowerment sessions
  • Monthly on zoom
  • Regular additional support materials
  • Open up your horizon to what is possible.
  • Tune out your doubts, experience practical wisdom

Additional Open Space
Sessions to
network and share
VALUED AT $6,000

  • 90 minutes every 6 weeks
  • Meet and bond with other women
  • Help others, chat, ideate!
  • Practice what you’re learning

A community of amazing women that supports and uplifts you!

  • Ditch the lone wolf and come into the circle of courageous women
  • Connect with like minded others
  • Private online community
  • This is a community of vulnerability, courage and power!

Sitting by the well’ wisdom circles with incredible people.
VALUED AT $3,000

  • Special guests who are brilliant humans
  • Interact and learn from leaders who have risen in an ethical way.
  • Ask questions, connect. Be inspired. See yourself in them


Are you ready to join the Circle?

If you’ve been tempted to work with Cathy, this is your opportunity.
Rising Circle only takes new intakes a few times a year.
The Founding Rising Circle is open for registration now.


What others say about Rising

Lead In Mentorship – Scarlett Lewis

Working with Cathy helped me move through my self imposed limitations by clarifying my thinking, direction and goals. It’s added so much value to my organization.

Scarlett Lewis

CEO and Founder, Choose Love Movement, USA

Lead In Mentorship – Susan Kulas

In times of immeasurable change and great uncertainty, we sometimes need to borrow someone else’s belief in ourselves and possibilities for our lives, until we can restore our own. This is what Cathy Burke has powerfully done for me, lending her strength and clarity – through times of monumental personal change.

Susan Kulas


Lead In Mentorship – Cathie Reid AM

Cathy is an authentic source for wise professional and personal guidance to make the most of the one life you have. I credit Cathy with my success in growing a non-profit globally that serves all ages by providing essential life skills to flourish.

Cathie Reid AM

Co-founder, Icon Group and Epic Pharmacy Group

Lead In Mentorship – Nick Nairn

Cathy has been instrumental in implementing a mindset change across my leadership team.

Nick Nairn

CEO, Stuart Alexanders

Lead In Mentorship – Hiromi Kuehn

Cathy’s dedication and passion to help leaders to grow makes her an exceptional coach. She listened to our team’s challenges and partnered with us to tackle opportunities together. She has helped my team think differently and guided us to find our own solutions.

Hiromi Kuehn

Director, Regional Operations, Selling Partner Support, Amazon

Alison Watkins

Cathy has a unique ability to make a difference in any setting, whether it’s a remote village in Ethiopia or the boardroom of a large company.

Alison Watkins

Director, Reserve Bank of Australia Board

Hiromi Kuehn

Cathy has helped my team think differently.

Hiromi Kuehn

Director, Regional Operations, Amazon

Ian Carson AM

Cathy helps organisations transcend the day to day and achieve extraordinary outcomes.

Ian Carson AM

Fmr Chairman of Markets PwC

Tania Austin

When you’re facing big challenges, mindsets are key. Lead In is the guide to unlocking this power for yourself and your team.

Tania Austin

Owner and CEO Decjuba

Emma Isaacs

Lead In is Brené Brown meets Carol Dweck, and it’s vital and magnificent.

Emma Isaacs

CEO Business Chicks

Lynne Vertannes

“Rising has given me so much insight into who I am and why I think thoughts that either empower or disempower me. This was key learning to make significant changes to the way I think. The women I have met have been supportive, fun, vulnerable and inspiring and I’ve always felt listened to and welcomed. I just love Cathy’s persona, she is so down to earth, easy to talk with and very knowledgeable on mindset. This course will change your mind!”

Operations Manager

Leadership Counts, Sydney

Kaama Joy

“I tell ALL of my business networks how invaluable it has been for me to be a part of Rising. The community is so refreshing & renewing for my spirit. If I wasn’t a part of the elevated conversation that Cathy facilitates, I would find my work so much more difficult. I have a simple yet powerful frame to be in daily action at every level of my business and personal life. It has enabled me to lightly push past resignation and cynicism and to stay inspired in difficult times.”

Founder and CEO

The Social Producers, Regional NSW


Rising Circle is for women at every stage of life. You might be running your own gig, working with others, or taking a break. What connects us is our openness, our desire to make things better, and a commitment to growth.

If you show up in the world and try to make something better – you’re leading! We believe everyone has the capacity to impact – it might just need to be activated. If that’s you, you’re in the right place!

Leading teams and organisations is a lonely, tricky affair. If you want a place to get inspiration, space to think, encouragement from others, and a place to fill your own well, then Rising Circle is for you.

You’re invited to the monthly leadership learning sessions that Cathy runs, all tailored specifically to this community of women. There are also sessions with other guests, and a private online community. (And one day, when borders open, you’ll also be invited to in an person retreat Cathy plans on holding in her rainforest town of Byron Bay.) You’ll also receive a copy of Cathy’s book Unlikely Leaders, as well as her new book The Mindset Process.

No, individual time with Cathy isn’t available for Rising Circle. During each session there is chance for you to sit on the ‘hot seat’ and get coached by Cathy in the group. Additional mentoring can be arranged if you want to complement what you’re discovering with personal time with Cathy.

Rising Circle meets for 2 hours regularly each month and then other times during the month when there are guests and Open Spaces. There’s no set homework or reading.

You know when you’re learning online, and there are cool people there with you, but you never really get to connect? Well, Open Space provides a less structured way to deepen connections, ask questions, and explore the concepts you’re discovering. Think of it as play time with clever people.

Rising Circle is open for women everywhere, and we try to keep in as accessible as possible, given the time zones. Most of the classroom sessions are on an east coast Australian morning, (which is good timing for NZ, East Asia and America). There will be some evening Open Spaces which will work for South Asia, Africa and Europe. The Facebook community though is 24/7!

Annual fee is $2,497 (plus gst if you’re Aussie)

Absolutely! Monthly payments of $247 work too (plus gst if you’re Aussie)

Don’t worry, we’re hoping you stay for as long as you need! If you’re up to stuff and want to be supported by the most incredible community and leadership development, then you can easily renew once your 12 months is up.

No – Rising Circle is the first step on the Rising journey. You don’t need to have read anything or studied anything to become a member. Just be committed to your own growth, and showing up as a good human – that’s all we ask.

I’m glad you asked! Over millennia women have sat in circles: whether by the well as we drew water, around the fire as we cooked and yarned, or as we looked up to the moon for our inspiration and guidance. The circle is a space of magic and protection. It is non hierarchical and represents the true nature of this community. We are a gathering of wise women.

About your guide,
Cathy Burke

Cathy works fearlessly to unleash the courage and brilliance of women. She is passionate about women claiming their place and space to make their maximum impact in whatever arena they choose.

Cathy is a globally recognised facilitator of human development and women’s leadership. For 20 years she was the CEO for The Hunger Project Australia, and then Global Vice President, working to end hunger across South Asia and Africa.

Understanding the blockers to women rising, and learning the tools to transform them, is what gives Cathy Burke her edge. Her Rising programs have been forged through her decades long global activism for women, and her own personal journey of rising.

Cathy is a winner of the Australian Davos leadership award, and the Top 100 Women of Influence award. She is the author of Unlikely Leaders: Lessons in Leadership from the Village Classroom. Her new book The Mindset Process will be out in 2021.

Cathy now works with individuals, organisations and leaders around the world to support, empower and activate the leadership of women.

Are you ready to join the Circle?

If you’ve been tempted to work with Cathy, this is your opportunity.
Rising Circle only takes new intakes a few times a year.
The Founding Rising Circle is open for registration now.