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These next few weeks will see me away. Firstly, I’ll be in the United States to work with the global leadership body of a bank. I’m excited to be helping them Lead In – it will be fun! Then, I’m off to England to see my gorgeous husband. We’ve been apart for more than 2 months because his mum needs daily attentive care and Steve is being there in service for her during this precious time in her life. It’s my first visit overseas in 2 years – I’m excited and I’m managing my mindset!

For today’s offering, I’m starting a new segment where I’ll be sharing things – podcasts, books, interviews etc – that are nourishing and deepening my thinking and my experience of being alive. I’ll also share recent podcasts I’ve been on. (And that reminds me – if there’s a podcast you think I’d be a good guest for, please let me know.)

This new segment is in part because curating the information we consume is essential to a happy life and a happy leader. It’s so good to mix it up. If you’re thinking the same things, listening to the same stuff, seeing the same people – you’ll come up with the same results. And even if those results are good – do you want to live your life like Groundhog Day? What else is possible?

Here are some recommendations (or reccy’s as we call it in oz).

Pod Reccy
This interview with Lynne Twist on Sounds True is divine.

Lynne Twist was a founding member of The Hunger Project, and the co-founder of Pachamama Alliance. I believe she is one of the great spiritual giants of our time. Lynne is one of my most cherished mentors. She led my first trip to Ethiopia in 1992 that changed my life, and she’s always there for me for wise council.

Lynne is profoundly grounded in what it means to be alive right now and how to use that time to make a difference. In the podcast she talks about the evolutionary leap we must take and how to find and connect to purpose.

Vid Reccy
This YouTube video by author and psychologist Dr Ben Hardy is a quick shot to the clarity centre on how to plan your year and month to achieve what’s important.

Here he unpacks how to find the focus and take the action to expand your life, breaking it down into monthly priorities.

If you are ‘majoring in minor things’ as Jim Rohn cautions, this clip can help get you back on track.

Book Reccy
Power by Kemi Nekvapil is an inspiring and expanding read.

The book outlines a five-step framework for women to own their power and live life on their own terms. I’ve known Kemi for years and she truly embodies her message. Her voice is empowering, wise and incisive.

This is a great book for getting clear on who you really are and how to seize the life you want.

I’ve been on some podcasts myself recently.

Jane Anderson is a globally recognised leadership expert and we had a great conversation on what I’ve learned along the way and why I changed my car. You can listen here.

Ally Nitschke is a high performance leader and coach. On her podcast Made for More we talked about being an ‘unlikely leader’ and the role mindsets play in every successful leadership endeavour.

I hope you enjoy these.


Till next week,
Much love