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Big issues are facing us, and they seem to be coming to a head at the same time. These huge institutional, ecological and social forces need to be reckoned with. And our mindsets are one of our most powerful tools to do that.

This is because one of the main blockers to powerful action is the mindset ‘not enough.’ Feeling too small, inconsequential or overwhelmed to feel we can bring our energy and leadership to bear.

I want to address this today.

When we believe we are not enough, we think nothing will change. We feel resigned and fatalistic. We blunt our contribution. We feel we have nothing to say or add that can make a difference. Our voice, our passion is muted.

The status quo stays the same.

When we believe we are not enough, we think others will do it or say it better than me, so we stay inert. Small. Constrained. We minimise our own contribution. Our own voice.

Only the powerful get heard.

When we believe we are not enough, we focus on the wrong thing. Rather than bringing our energy and leadership to bear to solve the problem, we focus on trying to fix ourselves. We spend energy trying to fill the gap between not enough, and enough. But because ‘not enough’ is a mindset, this is a gap you can never fill.

You are diminished.

The not enough mindset is a lie. It tells you I’m not enough, you’re not enough, we’re not enough to solve this problem / create this change / make this happen.

It might show up as:

I am not enough to ____
I am not confident enough. I’m not experienced enough. Capable enough. Old enough. Calm enough. Knowledgeable enough. I’m not leader-ly enough.

You are not enough to ____
You are not willing enough. Committed enough. Responsible enough.

We are not enough to ____
We are not organised enough. We aren’t mobilised enough. We aren’t ready enough. Strong enough. Uncomfortable enough.

This mindset runs us like an operating system runs our computer. And as with any mindset, it feels true. But it is based on an old story and it keeps you too small. It robs you of creating a bigger you – a you that is enough.

The truth is – we are enough, just as we are – to address and transform our challenges. You. Me. Us.

Imagine if we really got that about ourselves and each other. If we really blew the lid off this old, tired story. If we unlocked and focused our incredible power. What might be possible?

We are seeing the world over more of us owning our enough-ness. We are finding our voices. You can hear us ROAR.


What would you do if you were enough?

What would you say? And to whom?

How would you feel about the work ahead, and the difference it will make, if you were enough?

I’d love to know.