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This is my first newsletter for this year, and I’m excited to serve you again in 2021. I took some time off and spent it swimming, reading – and watching my first Star Trek since I was a kid. (I thought I’d start with the latest Star Trek: Discovery, and it’s cheesy, good looking drama has been just the thing for this grounded explorer.)

I used the time too to get my second book off to the editor and it’s this I wanted to write about today. The writing process is always a trigger for procrastination and endless changes. But I’m learning! In the past, I would have held on to it for longer, tooling around with it, trying to fix bits, not sure of what needed to be changed – and only then getting the help I needed.

I felt a bit embarrassed initially to send it to the editor because it wasn’t complete. I know there’s stuff not great about it. The bones are there, but with nearly 40,000 words down, also verbiage and randomness.

I used to be driven by the mindset that I could figure it out. Over the years I’ve realised that sure, eventually I get there, but at what cost? I’m done with that now. I seek out ahead of time people who are the best in their field who can support me in being the best I can be. From my early years at The Hunger Project, to now. People who know their craft, and have walked that journey. I urge you to do the same wherever you can. Even when its uncomfortable and you know that probably maybe eventually you can figure it out.

What is at stake is that time wasted, best work not done, ideas left languishing and not acted on. What moves us beyond this blocking and fear is having a compelling reason. And for me this new book is that.

My first book Unlikely Leaders outlined a 9 Step roadmap for personal and social change. It was grounded in 2 decades of experience learning from my colleague and village partners at The Hunger Project.

This new book (finalising the title) is a follow on from that. It goes into practical details on how to use these 9 Steps to identify and fulfil your goals. For instance, Belief explores how you build belief in yourself, your idea or your team. How can you amplify your conviction ten-fold – playing bigger in a way that doesn’t exhaust you? Vision outlines how you can create a vision that inspires and energises you – your north star. Finding New Ways shares how you can keep going when things are tough. And so much more.

My purpose is to give readers a loving, compassionate and urgent manual on how to activate and achieve what our hearts longing is asking of us. To know that I am the one I’ve been waiting for. To have the tools to make it happen. It also forms the backbone for what I teach in the Rising program.

I know I’m in for some tough talk from my editor, and I relish that. She’ll ensure my book is better and come out quicker than me left to my own devices. My invitation to you for 2021 is similar: this is not the year to go it alone. Risk your ‘not good enough’ and your embarrassment. Get coachable. Put yourself into the environment that will develop you and amplify the impact you can make.

Notice the fear of being judged not enough, not smart, not __’ and get the support, coaching and development you need. Don’t waste time jerry-rigging your plans, your business or your life. If you’re a writer, get yourself an editor. If you’re in business, get yourself a coach who knows what they’re talking about. If you have a product to launch, get it in front of your customers and learn from them.

2021 is here and it’s going to be an amazing ride. You are needed now more than ever. I am here as your partner and fellow traveller. Let’s do this!