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This year was many things… but one thing I’m grateful for was that it gave me the space and ability to create and deliver a profound leadership program for women.

And I’m gonna run it again next year!

Today I want to share with you the details of Rising 2021, PLUS offer you an exclusive, limited time, discount.

(Strap on your oven mitts, coz that life you’ve been baking is ready to rise!)

Rising brings together brave, courageous and soul-full women from all over the world to work with me to create a life that felt deeper, truer and freer.

In 2020, women came from corporate, and from not-for profits. They ran their own businesses, or are about to start one. They were seasoned leaders, and less experienced go-getters.

They each came to Rising because of an unmet calling in their own heart. Reasons for joining the program were varied, including:

  • “I was a leader on the outside, but my biggest yearnings were unfulfilled “
  • “I knew I needed to re-invent myself, but was struggling with actually getting to grips with it.”
  • “How do I lead and make a difference in a way that’s unique to me?”

What they got from Rising included:

  • “I have absolute clarity on my future path.”
  • “It’s enabled me to prioritise the life I really want”
  • “I now have the tools to make my self-talk more positive and effective. Plus I have my mojo back and confidently feel that I can create an amazing second act.”
  • “This community of women! Incredible! The support and backing we gave each other – I wasn’t expecting that. It’s truly uplifted me and my thinking.”
  • “Confidence! I now know that anything is possible when you change your mindset and vision for your future.”
  • “Authentic personal change. Rising offers a how-to approach to thinking and acting in order to lead in times of great change.”

My Invitation To You To RISE

I would love you to join this community of women rising.

If Rising speaks to you at all, please go here to find out more.

If a chat with me would be useful in getting you clear whether Rising is for you – I’d be delighted to speak! Please find a time by using this link.

If there are women in your life you think would be perfect for, please share it with them.

If you are in other countries, please still apply. We are magicians with timezones! 5 countries were represented in 2020!

I believe this is the time for women to rise.
It is our time and 2021 is the year.
Rising SEES you.
Rising will empower you to live your life and make your difference on your own terms.
“When I dare to be powerful —to use my strength in the service of my vision —
then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid,”
Audre Lorde

If you think this could be for you, please let me know.