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There are so many amazing and interesting people in this community so I’m starting a new segment this week to spotlight someone who we can all learn something from. To kick this off I asked Janelle King to say a few words because as a woman CEO and co-founder in tech, she has a story to tell! Janelle has been part of my Rising programs as well as one:one mentoring. Grab a cuppa and let’s dive in.


Introducing – Janelle King!


Who am I?
I’m a passionate, compassionate, and open-hearted woman who is dedicated to changing the world one person at a time by supporting those in need whatever way I can.

My role
I’m the CEO and co-owner of Omnium Technologies. We are a fintech business in the financial services industry, providing life insurance tools for both insurers and financial advisers. Omnium Tech is both a research house and a technology business, used by every major financial platform.

As a woman leader in tech, what were some of the challenges you faced?
I had lost track of the bigger picture and was often just bogged down in the day to day pull of business dictating my direction. I allowed other people’s agendas to consume my decision making and time, leaving me frustrated, depleted and unfulfilled.

My problem was I became quite lost in the process of running a company. In trying to maintain my ground in a very male environment I felt diminished and unsupported and ultimately sidelined. I didn’t know how to marry my authentic inner self with leading a tech company on the outside.

My business also went through an unexpected upheaval in every conceivable way. Everything felt precarious. I knew the old ways wouldn’t be enough to see us come through.

What’s changed?
I have hope again! Even during that very dark year – I was able to restructure my business direction and purpose. We attracted new staff, built our client base, and served the existing ones better, and through it all I found a peace and a purpose that is being heard instead of silenced.

My ideas are becoming a reality. I don’t have to ‘shout’ to be heard, so I am a more effective leader and company head.

I have more resilience than ever before. I have learned to delegate and empower others in a more meaningful way, and I have learned to let go of control. Instead of suppressing my dreams and sacrificing myself for others, I am able to incorporate my vision and weave that into my life.

How did that happen?
I learned and put into action the power of mindsets. I had quite a few holding me back, and I didn’t realise they were mindsets – I thought it was me! Being able to untangle them and develop ones more suited to the woman leader I am was a game changer for me.

I also had old ideas about leaders – who they are and how they led. I never fit that mould, but I also never questioned it. But I was running out of steam. I created my own ideas around what me being a powerful leader could look like. I tapped into a new way to lead that was so much more effective.

Through mindset evaluation and questioning I found a way forward to not just salvage the business – but rebuild it better and stronger than before. I sought out people and knowledge through non-traditional means. In doing so I’ve created a new environment for myself and my team at work has changed everything.

In the end the crisis has turned into a new vision for my business with new products that will transform the industry. I’ve got my mojo back!

What’s next?
So much more.

My business is on a growth orbit now. We are aligned, focused and making it happen!

I have new charitable endeavours that I am so passionate about. I am someone that spends a great deal of time supporting those that are grieving or at end of life, or experiencing or have experienced trauma. Now that I have established the company’s new identity and team, I have the space to bring this important aspect of me to the fore.

It is my heart’s desire for every human being to feel loved and supported in times of sadness or suffering. I’ve found ways to move important parts of my life forward even while maintaining my organisation thrives and succeeds. Bringing this into the centre of my life has been one of the greatest gifts to myself.

Find Janelle here


Till next week,
Much love