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This week I am on a deadline to send my new book to the editor. It’s called The Mindset Process, and it’s all about how mindsets can be your super power – or your biggest obstacle. In it I share a process I’ve developed that will help you kick those limiting beliefs, unhelpful stories, old assumptions and tired tropes to the curb!

In the book I ask you to consider that the biggest obstacle to you making progress, deepening joy, building confidence, and getting amazing stuff done is not your circumstances – even if/when they really suck. As readers of mine will already know, what’s getting in the way is not your boss. Nor your annoying colleague or ungrateful client. It’s not even a pandemic. 

Your biggest obstacle is your mindset.

Our mindset does limit – or expand our field of accomplishment and impact. Especially when we can’t change the circumstances.

Steven Covey wrote in the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People that being busy doing stuff is not effective if we are not ‘sharpening the saw’. Spending time labouring away, expending energy inefficiently is not smart. Taking time to ensure our tools are in the best shape is. Mindsets are one of our biggest tools. Working on them is ‘sharpening the saw’. 

Even if you believe you are too stuck, and feel things won’t change – they can, and the book will guide you how.

Because of my deadline I don’t have new content to share with you this week. However I do have my recent white paper on mindsets for you. Send me a note and I’ll email it to you, or you can download here.

And I designed this short test to diagnose where you are with your mindsets at work. It gives you some suggestions on how to improve your score. You can take it here.

Both are free.

Thanks for cheering me on.

Till next week

Much love