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The last few weeks we’ve explored some main mindsets leaders can default to: the Dictator, the Victim, and the Delayer.


The Leader’s Mindset is the most powerful mindset to cultivate and use. It does take practice and awareness as it is a mindset we rarely have on autopilot.


The Leader’s Mindset can be activated in yourself and others – no matter where you sit in an organisation, and no matter how difficult the conditions you find yourself in. The most inspiring and impactful leaders with this mindset I’ve met are village women across South Asia and Africa. They are committed to ending hunger in their homes and community, and they are completely focused on the result – sometimes a literal matter of life and death. They don’t dictate. They don’t delay. They lead in the only way that will deliver sustainable outcomes and a change in the long term culture.


They lead with a Leader’s Mindset.

A Leader’s Mindset is resilient to knock-backs and rejection. Failure doesn’t stop you, or define you. You combine a powerful vision with effective action, and you are able to mobilise others to bring this about.

A main misconception of a Leader’s Mindset, is that it’s somehow a bit soft. That it’s ok for when times are good, but not when hard results are needed.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

With a Leader’s Mindset, you:

– Hold people to account

– Have a bold vision and you work to bring it about

– Instil responsibility in your people

– Believe in your own and others ability to grow, learn, evolve and achieve

– Are open about what you don’t know, and don’t hide behind fearing to fail.

– Measure and track your success

– Know what your people are capable of, and you work with them so they  get it too

– Don’t get blown off course when the conditions become unfavourable.


A Leader’s Mindset is not rigid and defensive. It is open to new ideas and challenges to your current thinking. Like the tall bamboo that grows in my garden, this mindset bends when it needs to, is always growing, and is hard to break.

When you next find yourself leading in a less optimal mindset, consciously choose a Leader’s Mindset. Notice what comes up for you, and what you believe about this. Consider what you might accomplish with the Leader’s mindset. 


Till next week.

Much love,