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It’s been a long time since I wrote to you and lots of change has happened. I have much to share with my glorious tribe – thanks for reading!

Most momentously, last year saw me finishing up on staff with The Hunger Project after 20 amazing years. Serving in this way as THP Australia CEO, and then Global Vice President was an incredible honour and privilege. It was truly the making of me, and I loved it all – the breadth of the mission, the challenges, the people, and the impact I was able to make.

After this I took some time out to ‘fill my well’. It wasn’t that I was burnt out. I just felt that I’d come to the end of what I knew. I needed to create a new context for my life. Who was I without my trusted identity? I needed to find out!

So I moved from ‘leading’ to ‘learning’. I went to the Amazon jungle, and Galapagos islands – overlaying my own evolution with the planetary one. I studied with some incredible teachers, and read many, many books. I also spent lots of time sitting in the sun just being. I used this time to think through what the next arc of my life would be.

And through this process I filled my well, and it is now overflowing like a fountain!

I’m so happy to share with you that I’ve set up my own practice and consultancy to focus on empowering leadership in women and men around the world, and I’m working with some really cool people and companies to do that. I’ve created programs to give people access to a new way of leading and being, and I’m speaking on this too.


My intention with this weekly newsletter is to contribute in a small way to what it means to be human, and how we can live lives and lead organisations as wisely and fully as possible.

Over the years I have lived the question: “If a village woman with no resources, no given authority, and no education can lead her community to achieve clean water and schooling for girls – then what are we each truly capable of?”

Answering this is at the heart of the work I’m now engaged in. At this time of great change and ambiguity, the need for a new type of leadership – one that is inclusive and accessible – is more critical than ever. I’ll be exploring what it means to be an ‘unlikely leader’ – and how such leadership can be unleashed in every nook and cranny of an organisation and a society.

I’ve also done a series of 9 short videos based on the steps of transformative leadership I wrote about in my book Unlikely Leaders, and I look forward to sharing these with you.

Thank you for being in my world, and making it all the richer.