Women in Leadership Webinar

Thursday Apr 14, 2022 11am – 11:45am AEST


For the last few years, I’ve been working with exceptional female leaders in tech from organisations including Amazon, eBay, Omnium Technology and Microsoft. These women are in product design, customer service, seller support, operations, as well as software development. They are tenacious, inspiring and hard working – and – what I have been noticing across the board is:


    • Great women are leaving their roles – or thinking about it
    • Women are disempowered and exhausted
    • Women are losing their motivation and feel let down


(Even if you can’t make it, register and I’ll send you the recording)

Added to this:

    • There are women you believe in, who are not yet stepping up
    • Organisations have a commitment to do better by women, but what is the best strategy?

I’m hosting an online session to share the 3 keys needed to have more women leaders rise in tech.

The session is open to all genders who want to make a difference in this area. Empowered and activated women in the technology business is a good thing for everyone!

In this webinar you will

      • Learn the 3 keys to elevating leaders
      • Understand the role of mindsets
      • Gain tools to increase bandwidth and decrease stress
      • Feel hope that a new approach is possible
      • Be inspired at what can be possible when women in your organisation are empowered and supported


About Cathy


Cathy Burke is a globally recognised facilitator of human development and women’s leadership. She works with organisations and leaders around the world to support, empower and activate the leadership of women. Her clients include eBay, Amazon, Commonwealth Bank, ANZ and Business Chicks.

Cathy’s unique understanding and lived experience of leadership was forged during her two decades as CEO for The Hunger Project Australia, and then Global Vice President, working to end hunger across South Asia and Africa. She was an integral member of a visionary team who developed women’s leadership at scale in villages all over the world.

Cathy is also the author of Unlikely Leaders: Lessons of Leadership from the Village Classroom (2015), and Lead In: Mindsets to Lead, Live and Work Differently (2022.)

Cathy’s clients include: