Rising is a 7 month online learning experience for women led by Cathy Burke. It is designed to empower you to express your leadership and your vision in the most impactful way possible.

Rising is a practical and heart centred leadership program to support you
in taking action on things that really matter – to you.

Created by Cathy Burke, Rising is an interactive, deeply personal, world expanding invitation for you to fulfil the calling in your own heart.

Rising Is For You If You

  • Want to make a bigger impact

  • Feel blocked or not sure where to start

  • Know you have more to offer

  • Have ideas tangled around, but no real plan – or

  • Are already making headway, but want help to go to new heights

  • Decided that 2021 is the year to just do it!

  • Want to work personally with Cathy

You can expect to

  • Get in touch with your deeper vision and purpose, and bring it to life

  • How to find and remove the barriers and mindsets that stop you from playing a bigger game

  • Take bold action

  • Discover that you are enough – just as you are!

  • Kick goals, fail fast, be challenged, and experience the immense satisfaction of stepping into the world as its equal

You will discover

  • The 9 steps of personal and social change that are at the heart of great sustainable achievement

  • How this unique moment of human history is calling for you to rise

  • You can be supported in fulfilling your soul’s yearning

  • Practical ways to create and take action on things that matter to you

  • A model of leadership that allows you to be so fully and completely you

"As a woman CEO in tech, Rising has been transformational for me. It’s about leadership and the way you do business and life – but it’s so much more. It’s changed the way I think, the way I view the world, and what I see is possible. And it’s had me take action in a way that fills my soul."

Janelle King Australia

Rising has been created from Cathy Burke’s decades long experience of working with women in villages and in organisations, as an executive and CEO, and as a global change leader. It is based on the 9 steps she observed and wrote about in her book Unlikely Leaders: Lessons in Leadership from the Village Classroom.
These steps provide a proven pathway for your leadership to rise and be fulfilled.

9 Steps Leadership Matrix

Rising is a combination of zoom classrooms, videos, special guests who are world leading change makers, coaching, accountability, work-pages and feedback. There will be lots of opportunity to share your ideas and interact personally with Cathy.

What We Cover

We all have limiting beliefs that hold us back and keep us small. This module will help you unblock those blockers, through the power of mindsets. Build your belief in what you can do, so you can go do it! Create the confidence you need to begin. Realise that you are enough – just as you are.

Learn how to be present when things are difficult and challenging. Stop procrastination and distraction. Develop skills to remain awake, open and at choice – no matter what is happening around you. Embrace what your heart is calling you to do.

Create a compelling, juicy vision for your life that inspires you. Get clarity about what’s important to you and why. This is a multidimensional process that helps you access ideas and yearnings that can be hidden, and helps you focus on what’s truly moving you.

Confront where you’re not a ‘grown-up’ in your own life, and feel the freedom and power that comes with accountability and responsibility. This truly is your source for personal power. Without this nothing happens.

Banish the lone wolf, and the small me. Collective action is key to going bigger with your vision and expanding your impact. It’s where movements begin.

Bring rigour and awareness to designing the environment that allows you to show up as powerfully as possible. You will undertake an audit of your environment, and learn how to be a creator and guardian of safe, empowering spaces for yourself and others.

Build your resilience and courage when things are not going according to plan. Which is often! Learn how to reframe setbacks and challenges so you are not derailed. Turbo charge your power. Be empowered to keep going!

Learn and apply the science and mindset of success. Transform your stinginess about yourself. Find your essence and lift the lid off your magnificence!

This is about your legacy – what you want to impact or influence that lives beyond you. Learn how this leadership principle isn’t just applied at the end of a project, or when you’ve ‘made it’. It is a mindset of reciprocity that affects others far beyond your personal reach.


About Cathy

Cathy works fearlessly to unleash the courage and brilliance of women. She is passionate about women claiming their place and space to make their maximum impact in whatever arena they choose.

Cathy is a globally recognised facilitator of human development and women’s leadership.

For 20 years she was the CEO for The Hunger Project Australia, and then Global Vice President, working to end hunger across South Asia and Africa.

Cathy was an integral member of a visionary team who developed leadership at scale in villages all over the world. Through her work, millions of the worlds poorest women stepped into their leadership, and were able to feed themselves and their families.

Understanding the blockers to women rising, and learning the tools to transform them, is what gives Cathy Burke her edge. Rising is forged in her decades long global activism for women, and her own personal journey of rising.

Like you, Cathy understands what it’s like to not feel enough to step into her full power - whilst knowing she had something more to offer. She was supported to do that, which made the all the difference to the impact she’s had in the world.

Rising offers this same support and opportunity to you. It will provide both a catapult anda soft landing for those who want to achieve more.

Ready To Rise?

“Cathy’s honesty and vulnerability in her own process, even though she was CEO of the Hunger Project Australia for 20 years, was a stark contrast to corporate and just what I needed. If you are ready to unfold to be more of who you are, join the Rising program and work with Cathy!”

Lee-Anne Carson Australia

Cathy Burke has

  • Led as a CEO

  • Built a lasting, impactful, beloved organisation

  • Empowered women for 25 years

  • Worked across countries, cultures and languages

  • Been meditating for 32 years, and is adept in mindfulness practices

  • Set up social enterprises

  • Ran the state wide mobilisation of a successful Federal Senate election campaign

  • Co-wrote the constitution for a major political party in Western Australia

  • Studied and trained personally with recognised global thought leaders including Dr Joanna Macy, Werner Erhard, Dr Jean Houston and Lynne Twist

  • Authored Unlikely Leaders: Lessons in Leadership from the Village Classroom.

  • Won the Australian Davos leadership award, and 2014 AFR Women of Influence award

  • Lived a life of purpose within a context of marriage and mothering, being a good daughter and a good sister to 6 siblings

The Rising Program

There Are 2 Ways To Participate
Both Include:

  • A kick off launch to Rising

  • 7 two hour monthly leadership online workshops and training, bespoke design and delivered by Cathy Burke

  • 3 x 90 minute online connection facilitated by Cathy, for participants to share insights and
    learnings, ask questions, get input and put into practice their new understandings.

  • Special guests who are global leaders who share their insights

  • Private Facebook page with FB lives

  • Accountability structure to keep you on track

  • Signed copy of Cathy Burke’s book Unlikely Leaders: Lessons In Leadership From The Village Classroom

Rising 2 includes one on one mentoring from Cathy at a significantly reduced rate from her normal mentor program, as well as some other inclusions to specifically support you in accomplishing what you set out to achieve.

 What Past Participants of Rising Say

Rising has been a life changing experience, the bond, connections and realizations I have made will remain with me forever!

Anitta Kerr, Nepal

Rising has opened my way of thinking in completely new ways. I’ve unpacked mindsets that have held me back, I’ve gotten clear about the impact I will make in the next 10- 40 years, and I feel more at ease. Rising is for anyone questioning what the future holds for you, and what role you can play to bring about change that’s important to you.

Kylea Tink, Australia

Rising Women has been a brilliant experience. The process is simultaneously taking me outwards, making me aware of what the world might want of me at this time, and inward to explore what is in me that requires expression. I am so excited about what is emerging!

Marie Kiely New Zealand

There has been a touch of magic in the Rising program that I had not expected. Rising is not about an ego-driven leadership, but about leadership that allows each of us to openly see what is possible – and do it together, not alone. I am excited, yet grounded in my ability to rise to the potential this has allowed me to find.

Mandy Hogan Australia

In times of immeasurable change and great uncertainty, we sometimes need to borrow someone else’s belief in ourselves and possibilities for our lives, until we can restore our own. This is what Cathy Burke has powerfully done for me, lending her strength and clarity - through times of monumental personal change. Rising offers a clear framework for step by step success – to hear and take action in your soul calling, vision, dream or purpose.

Susan Kulas, Wales

Ready To Rise?

What Others Say About Cathy

I have known Cathy for many years and watched her in action as a mother, manager and leader. As a woman leader from Africa, I’m proud to be her partner. What Cathy Burke has to say should be listened to.

Speciosa Wandira-KazibweUN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa Former Vice President of Uganda

Cathy Burke’s presentation style is warm, generous and transcends any limitations posed by delivery in the virtual world. Her recent Masterclass for Business Chicks was delivered to close to 1000 women virtually. Cathy is able to create intimacy and makes everyone feel as though they are having a direct 1:1 learning experience with her.

Olivia Ruello, CEO, Business Chicks Australia

Cathy Burke is such an innovative thinker and a passionate agitator for change in the world – and she does it with enormous heart, insightful vision, and an infectious sense of humour. I find her unwavering commitment to the empowerment of women and the way she engages others to inspire change incredibly positive and powerful.”

Jo Horgan Mecca Cosmetica Founder and CEO

Cathy lives and breathes a fierce commitment to women’s empowerment and global issues.
She is a remarkable social entrepreneur, with something profound to say about leadership
and the power of humanity.

Emma Isaacs, Founder & Global CEO, Business Chicks