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Cathy Burke believes leadership is crucial for any endeavour that matters. As a former CEO, she understands first-hand the challenges businesses and teams face. Her programs are practical, accessible and impactful. She has lead trainings under trees in remote villages, in universities, in Silicon Valley, and in organisations around the world. Her experience, insight and ability to communicate is universal. Her passion to unlock and empower human potential is unwavering.

Through her programs, Cathy helps people break through limiting beliefs and unhelpful mindsets, and inspire new thinking and possibilities.

The Leaders Mindset Program

Organisations everywhere confront many challenges, and it can feel overwhelming. It seems like we have reached capacity, and it genuinely feels there is no scope to take on anything else. We worry that there isn’t enough time, money or resources to deliver on our goals. People start to wonder whether the targets they (or their managers) have set are even achievable.

Whilst there are improvements and trainings that organisations can do to help people be more productive, without a mindset upgrade, they won’t be sustainable or effective

There are ways to develop the mindset of a leader, and doing so has never been more critical to an organisation’s future. Mindset work is now recognised as a ‘need to have‘, not a ‘nice to have.

By developing a leadership mindset, managers and team members become more positive, innovative, open and engaged despite the tsunami of constant change. Focusing on mindsets is the reason Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella gives for the doubling of Microsoft’s share price in just 4 years.

Through focusing on building a Leaders Mindset, you decrease the resisters, avoiders and pretenders in your organisation who drag on the system, and instead increase the number of people who authentically choose the mission, are hopeful, positive, and can lead.

The Leaders Mindset program is designed to:

  • Foster growth mindset and change agility
  • Strengthen your culture of leadership
  • Increase your organisation’s bandwidth and capacity
  • Build resilience
  • Build confidence that what you set out to do can be achieved
  • Create an empowering relationship to failure
  • Infuse your workplace with energy and positivity.

In the Leaders Mindset program, your team will:

  • Understand the brains response to change
  • Learn about and transform the 6 key limiting mindsets organisations face, including the ‘scarcity’ mindset, and the ‘I’m not a leader’ mindset
  • Gain practical understanding and application of the fixed vs growth, and limited vs expansive mindset principles
  • Unpack personal mindsets, and gain skills to flip limiting ones into mindsets that empower
  • Explore your organisation’s mindset, and create ways to shift beliefs that keep the group from achieving its aims
  • Leave with a practical action plan to address everyday problems with a leadership mindset

Cathy spoke to our Senior Leadership Group as part of our annual Leadership Weekend. The overwhelming feeling from our group was one of being touched and inspired. We have continued to use many of the stories and lessons from Cathy throughout our broader team and ongoing leadership training. For me personally, Cathy was able to bring about reflection and realisation that some of my ‘perceived hurdles/blocks’ were so incredibly insignificant and moveable. The path seems clearer and easier to walk now…thank you Cathy.

Cassandra LantryDirector at Leah Jay

While at eBay, my leadership team and I worked very hard to create a global culture focused on leadership excellence and inclusiveness. I was introduced to Cathy and knew Immediately that she could uniquely help us succeed. She is a passionate and tireless champion of the power of human potential. Her storytelling and principles of ‘Unlikely Leaders’ are universally applicable, translating well into all cultures and languages. I count her among the most influential people in my life in terms of her inspirational focus on empowering people, and helping business leaders understand the power they hold to utterly transform those around them.

Steve BoehmSVP, COO AvidXchange

Women Lead Program

Leadership powerfully expressed is at the heart of any successful enterprise. Unleashing the leadership of women is every organisations secret weapon.

The Women Lead program is designed to equip corporate women with the insights, reframing, tools, examples and experience they need to increase their leadership impact.

Women Lead was created from my decades long experience in working with women in multiple contexts – villages across South Asia and Africa, global companies, and leading NGOs, combines with the latest research on how to empower women at work; and my own journey.

I know what it’s like to not feel experienced enough to step into leadership, whilst also knowing that I had something more to offer. I was supported in making that jump, which made all the difference to the impact I’ve been able to make in the world. This program offers this same opportunity to women, providing both a catapult and a soft landing for those who want to achieve more.

The Women Lead program is designed to

  • Expand the pipeline of women ready to go for promotions.
  • Increase the number of women available to take on more complex roles.
  • Build resilience.
  • Create unexpected synergies, opening up new opportunities and innovation for the organization
  • Engage millennial women who are looking for growth and meaning at work.

Your team will

  • Be immersed in case studies, interactive discussions, group exercises
  • Reframe what leadership is, and step into a powerful personal context
  • Understand and own the potential each woman has to succeed and impact
  • Create new mindsets for leadership
  • Unlock confidence and energy

We left feeling totally empowered. Cathy was instrumental in challenging the team to look at things differently, creating a unique leadership angle, and reaching for every inch of potential from the team.

Tania AustinOwner, CEO Decjuba

Cathy conducted a national series of leadership workshops. I wanted the team to be confident that I see leadership from within themselves & that they are capable of achieving great things. It was delivered perfectly and tailored to our values and purpose; a big thank you Cathy.

Nicole McCormackDeputy General Manager, Commonwealth Bank
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