Unlikely Leaders – iPad (EPUB)


Cathy Burke’s work over two decades with The Hunger Project has given her intimate access to grassroots leaders who are ending hunger in their villages. Though they may be impoverished and non-literate, these women and men are at the forefront of courageous and effective leadership.

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I’ve been exposed to some of the most unexpected and confronting experiences. I’ve sat with people on dirt floors, under trees and in small tin sheds, learning about their lives and challenges. I’ve held babies who I knew would die and I’ve conversed with women through the thin bamboo walls of their hut, outside which they are not permitted to show their faces.

These experiences have shaped me profoundly as a human being and a leader. In reflecting on these, key themes emerged, and they weren’t themes of desperation and misery. Rather, they were strong messages of courage, boldness and vision.

These women and men are truly the Unlikely Leaders. They are at the forefront of demonstrating what it takes to evolve, lead and grow in the harshest of conditions. Empowered, they can, will and do come up with innovative, practical and long-lasting solutions to the issues they face. They ignite a brilliant torch for all of us regarding what it means to be human.