Leaders Mindset Mentor Program

"The core concepts I learned from Cathy motivated me to develop Rise Up, Lift Up. This year it was recognized as Diversity Initiative of the Year by Women in IT."

- Trina Williams, President, Women@eBay

I mentor leaders who are curious, ambitious, and courageous.

If that’s you, I will help you grow, achieve more, and lead in a way that is inspiring, fulfilling and effective.

I’ve been the CEO of a mission driven organisation – setting strategy, creating culture, delivering objectives, leading staff and reporting to boards.

I’ve been a global VP, supporting teams and leaders around the world – across different cultures and concerns, bringing alignment and energy to the task.

I’ve witnessed searingly heart breaking things, as well as the absolute best that humanity can be. I fully believe in the capacity of people to awaken and transform.

I bring this to teams and leaders around the world so that the leadership potential within each person is liberated and expressed.

My mentor program is for people who:

  • Have increased responsibilities at work and know that what got them there isn’t enough now
  • Lead teams and want to empower the leadership of others
  • Want to lead with more impact and less stress
  • Need space and support to think through challenges and opportunities differently
  • Want to achieve more – in a new way
  • Want to increase visibility and influence at work
  • Want clarity on their career goals and what’s next
  • Are open to rigorous self reflection that leads to profound breakthroughs

Cathy has a unique voice in leadership that makes you stop and listen. She cuts underneath rhetoric to delve into each person's humanity. Her ability to engage an audience is equally measured with her one-on-one mentoring abilities - she inspires and has you rethinking the status quo and what is truly possible for you and your organisation.

Belinda BrosnanTelstra Business Women’s Award winner, Qld

I was looking for a mentor as I felt like I wasn’t progressing in the way I thought I would. I also felt a bit flat, and frustrated. I’d heard Cathy speak before, and I felt drawn to her realness and also experience. Her mentor program has connected me to my own power and abilities. I’ve started something new at work and I’m feeling hopeful for the first time in a long while.

Alison LSales Manager, Melbourne

This program will enable you to:

  • Move from frustration and resignation, into clarity and momentum
  • Shift your mindset to one that is hopeful and expansive. Remove blockers to your thinking
  • Explore what is truly possible, and gain the clarity to focus on achieving something meaningful
  • Become a leader that makes you proud, and influences everyone in your life, including your family, your team and your community

Leaders Mindset Mentor program includes:

  • A questionnaire before the beginning of the program, to reflect personally on your own leadership, where you are at, the gaps, and what you hope to achieve. This kickstarts the learning, and allows us to hit the ground running 12 sessions for the year program / 6 sessions for the six month program
    o One 70 minute initial session to set goals and clear outcomes, and then
    o Monthly individual sessions of 60 minutes each to progress these. (11 for a twelve month program / 5 for six month program)
  • Reasonable access to Cathy in between scheduled mentor sessions – think of these like SOS calls. Clients might use this to touch base before important meetings, get their heads clear before or after difficult conversations, or just be able to refocus on what’s important
  • Unique information to support your leadership journey – sharing relevant
    podcasts, books and articles
  • Completion process at the end of the engagement which centres the learnings, and sets you up for continued growth
  • Complimentary copy of my book “Unlikely Leaders: Lessons in Leadership from the Village Classroom”

Level Up your Leadership and your Impact.

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I’m leading a big part of our business and wanted support to grow my abilities. Cathy is very practical and also has a lot of experience and wisdom. I felt equally listened to and challenged, which was great! (We also laughed a lot.) I feel more able now to have compassion for myself and to role model better leadership for the people in my team. The feedback has been reflecting this.

Bryan MSenior Executive, Sydney

Cathy’s mentoring has given me clarity and focus. I knew in my heart I was capable of more, but I couldn’t seem to get things firing. She helped me strip away what wasn’t important, including old stories and habits, and crystallise my own dreams.

Renee S.Small business owner, Brisbane

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