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Lead In: Mindsets to Lead, Live and Work Differently

The challenges we face require us to lead in a new way. There is a deep, untapped reservoir of leadership potential within each person, each organisation, and every community. Yet too many of us hide from it, clinging to old notions about who we think we are, and what we think we are capable of.

This book will help you unlock this power to achieve your goals, empower others and make the difference you want to make.

Why Lead In?

We face so many obstacles and our normal way of dealing with them isn’t working anymore. We are exhausted and worried, and there’s not much energy left. Without developing mindset capabilities, it will get harder to respond effectively in these challenging times.

Too often we lead out - worrying what people think, reacting to conditions we can't control, and feeling like we are always on the back foot. This keeps us focused on the wrong things and stops us from doing the work that actually matters.

When we lead in we bring awareness to our mindsets, beliefs and behaviours. We focus on what’s important. No matter what the world throws at us we respond with power and grace. We lead in a new way.

About Lead In

We know that mindsets are key for overcoming obstacles and challenges, yet the how-to of developing them has seemed tricky – until now.

Lead In is your practical and accessible guide to activating the mindsets you need to step into a new way of leading.

Lead In will help you:

  • Identify old beliefs and stories that are holding you back – and transform them by using the Mindset Process™
  • Expand what you think is possible for you, your team, and your world
  • Discover your default leading style - and how to change it to the Leader’s mindset
  • Lessen the grip of the Scarcity mindset
  • Learn how to empower others to Lead In as well
  • Realise that you are enough - as you are - to lead, to matter, and to make a difference.

Lead In is available now!

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Bulk orders

Bulk orders over 100 books receive additional discounts – and a special bonus!

Buy 100 books and Cathy will deliver a 30 minute live online masterclass on how to Lead In for your team or organisation.

Buy 500 books and Cathy will deliver a half day workshop for your people and leaders.

Buy 1000 books and Cathy will deliver the signature Lead In Keynote for your offsite or conference.

About Cathy Burke

Cathy Burke believes the potential for leadership is available to everyone, and that it’s never been more important to activate this in organisations and communities worldwide. She works with people and institutions to activate the mindsets and leadership needed to address 21st Century challenges.

Cathy knows leadership: For 20 years she was the CEO for The Hunger Project Australia, and then Global Vice President, working to end hunger across South Asia and Africa. Cathy now runs transformational leadership programs, speaks at conferences, and mentors purpose driven people.

Cathy is a winner of the AFR Top 100 Women of Influence award, and the Australian Davos leadership award. She is also the author of Unlikely Leaders: Lessons in Leadership from the Village Classroom (2015). Her corporate clients include Commonwealth Bank, eBay, ANZ Bank and Amazon.

What Others Say About Cathy

“I first met Cathy when I was looking to develop and open my team’s mindsets and grow their leadership capabilities. Smart, kind, and brilliant - Cathy knows her stuff. She creates the space for real, heartfelt sustainable change to happen - the type of change that is good for you, good for business and equips you for the challenges you face. ”

Tania Austin

Owner and CEO, Decjuba

1 / 10

“Cathy has a unique ability to make a difference in any setting, whether it’s a remote village in Ethiopia or the boardroom of a large company. Her understanding of people, leadership and change - and how she distills this to others and makes it relevant - is a rare gift. ”

Alison Watkins

Director, Reserve Board Bank of Australia

Fmr CEO, Coca-Cola Amatil, Australia

2 / 10

“Cathy is an authentic and caring individual who helps organisations transcend the day to day and achieve extraordinary outcomes. ”

Ian Carson AM

Chairman of Markets PwC

Executive Chair, Tanarra Capital

3 / 10

“Cathy’s expertise on mindset and leadership leads to exceptional results. I trust Cathy because her success comes from making those she works with accountable, empowered and ready for their success. She has made me a better leader, father and friend.”

Joris Heeze

Director, Global Selling and EU Brand Owner, Amazon

4 / 10

“Cathy is an authentic source for wise professional and personal guidance to make the most of the one life you have to live. I credit Cathy in my success in growing a non-profit globally that serves all ages by providing essential life skills to flourish.”

Cathie Reid AM

Co-founder Icon Group and Epic Pharmacy Group

5 / 10

“Whenever I listen to Cathy speak, or read her written work, she fills me with the determination to be a better me. Cathy has the unique ability to challenge us all to move beyond the blockages that are holding us back and to truly reach for our full potential.”

Dr David Cooke

Chairperson, United Nations Global Compact Australia

Director ESG Advisory

Fmr Chair and Managing Director, Konica Minolta Australia

6 / 10

“Cathy is the kind of leader the world needs right now - down to earth, skilful and fearless - with bucket loads of integrity. She sees no "other" - just "us". Always activating human goodness - whether it's empowering women around the world, transforming the mindsets of leaders, or mentoring agents of change. ”

Jono Fisher

Founder, Wake Up Sydney

7 / 10

“I credit Cathy’s advice, experience and workshops in my success in growing a non-profit globally across 100 countries reaching 10 million people.”

Scarlett Lewis

Founder and Chief Movement Officer, Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement

8 / 10

“As a woman CEO in tech, working with Cathy has been transformational. She has changed the way I think, the way I view the world, and what I see is possible.”

Janelle King

CEO Omnium Technology

9 / 10

“What I learned from Cathy motivated me to create programs for women which in 2020 were recognized as ‘diversity initiative of the year’ by Women in IT. ”

Trina Limpert

CEO RizeNext Corp

2020 President, Women@eBay

10 / 10