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Lead In 1

Lead In 1:

Lead In 1 is a premium one:one engagement that is confidential and personalised.

Lead In 1 includes:

• 12 sessions for the year, all on zoom.

• One 90 minute initial session to set goals and clear outcomes, and then 11 monthly individual sessions of 60 minutes each to progress these.

• Access to Cathy in between scheduled mentor sessions - think of these like SOS calls. Clients might use this to touch base before important meetings, get their heads clear before or after difficult conversations, or just be able to refocus on what's important

• Unique information to support your leadership journey - sharing relevant podcasts, books and articles.

• Access to Cathy’s network to expand your ability to achieve your goals.

• Completion process at the end of the engagement which centres the learnings, and sets you up for continued growth.

• Complimentary copy of her books Unlikely Leaders: Lessons in Leadership from the Village Classroom (2015), and Lead In: Mindsets to Lead, Live and Work Differently (2022)

“What I learned from Cathy motivated me to create programs for women which this year (2020) were recognized as “diversity initiative of the year” by Women in IT.”

Trina Limpert, 2020 President, Women@eBay

CEO RizeNext Corp

Interested in Lead In 1?

Lead In 2

Lead In 2 is Cathy Burke’s prestige mentor program. It’s a face to face, high impact and based in Byron Bay.

Lead In 2 Mentor Program

Often what’s missing for busy, accomplished people is the space and time to work out what’s important - and put in place the pathway to achieve it.

With full lives and hectic demands, this time to think is often overlooked. Yet without space we often re-tread the same ground. If you are feeling the churn, and know you need space and guidance to create what’s next, Lead In 2 is for you.

Getting away from the hustle is key to tuning into your power to grow. The beautiful environment of Byron Bay is world renowned for being a place where people think bigger and more expansively. As a long-time resident, Cathy knows the places to walk and talk that will ground your body, uplift your spirit, and clear your mind to reflect and create what’s needed to fulfill your vision.

With lead In 2 you will design a life and a legacy.

Lead In 2 gives you access to extended period of conversation, wise questioning, and thoughtful processes with Cathy to help you lead, live and work differently.

Lead In 2 consists of:

• A 90 minute initial session to set goals and clear outcomes

• Five Quarterly face to face half day sessions with Cathy, over a 12 month period,

o Sessions are designed so you can fly in (or drive down if you are in Queensland) for the morning and depart after lunch

• Held in beautiful Byron Bay

• There will be a beautiful walk, and a place to sit and dig into new ways of thinking to:

o best lead your organisation,

o get your mindset clear so the road ahead is smoother,

What others say about Cathy:

The next step: Book a Discovery Session

Book in a conversation with Cathy to explore what you need and what might work best for you.

This is a no obligation call for Cathy to hear where you’re at, for you to learn more about the programs, so you can get clear on what will be right for you. Whether you are looking for a mentor for yourself or your team, this gives us a chance to see what would be most useful for you.

Send your details via the contact form and we’ll be in touch with a link to choose a day and time that works best for you and Cathy.

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