Do you have big plans and ideas – yet you delay taking the sort of action that would make a difference?

Do you want to break through and make the impact and progress you know you can?


Then the ACCELERATE: Shift from Delayer to Leader in 90 Days

mentor program is for you.


In our world, if you’re stuck and not making the progress you want – then it means there’s something lacking in you.

I totally disagree with this!

Almost everyone who ever accomplished anything had people in their corner to guide, encourage and light their path. They didn’t do it alone.


Who is in your corner to help you achieve your goals?


Are you:

  • Stalling, procrastinating, and getting in your own way?
  • Second guessing yourself?
  • Ambitious but you’re not owning it and showing up powerfully?
  • Holding back from what lights you up?
  • Hesitating more than actioning?
  • Floundering in overwhelm, without the pathway to move forward?
  • Worrying that even if you do step up you won’t make it anyway?



This is the classic default mindset called Delayer.

It’s like having one foot on the accelerator – (you see something is possible and this excites you), but you also have one foot on the brake – (you don’t think you can do it, or the timing isn’t right, or some other reason why it can’t happen now).

The Delayer mindset is common. It shows up when the future calls you – yet your old self holds you back. You are in the cross hairs of 2 conflicting mindsets: Growth, where you know you can learn and achieve more – and Limited, where you’re believing old stories about what you think you are capable of, or what is possible for you.


Delayer to Leader


Delayer can look like:

  • Not writing that book, or going for that new role because you believe you lack something necessary to be able to take that step
  • Not owning your vision and what you really want to achieve
  • Feeling you need something else – like an MBA or some other qualification – before you can progress your career
  • Being busy doing things, but they aren’t the right things
  • Avoiding putting yourself out there because you fear criticism or rejection
  • Finding reasons to put off achieving what you know in your heart is the next growth cycle for you



So let’s get past this. It’s time!


ACCELERATE is a one:one mentor program designed to move you from Delayer to Leader in 90 days. It will shift you into clear, focused, effective action.


In the program you will

  • Get clear on what you want to achieve
  • Access your courage to name and claim what you really want
  • Create a plan to go there
  • Get your  mindset sharpened so you remove inner obstacles to your success
  • Get accountability
  • Build momentum
  • Build your confidence and trust in yourself
  • Feel the feeling of FINALLY! You’re getting it done.


ACCELERATE consists of one:one mentoring and support from Cathy over 90 days. Cathy is in your corner to help you remove the brakes to progress so you can fly.


Delayer to Leader

Clarity: Get clear on what you want – and own it. Chrystalise your vision.

Conviction: develop the mindsets you need to succeed. Strengthen your belief in yourself. commit.

Compass: Create the pathway. Take the steps toward your goal. Recalibrate when necessary.

You will gain insight and impact that will inspire. 


 ACCELERATE – Delayer to Leader in 90 Days

The program includes

One 90 minute session with Cathy to

  • get clear on outcomes
  • develop the mindset to achieve it
  • create the roadmap
  • be clear on next steps and time frame

Two 60 minute individual sessions to

  • finetune progress
  • sharpen the mindsets
  • refocus
  • remove blocks

Three 25 minute sessions to

  • ‘locker room’ touch in
  • get support
  • create accountability
  • ideate, use Cathy to accelerate progress

Bonus Support

  • Lead In: Mindsets to lead, live and work differently
  • Unlikely Leaders: Lessons in Leadership
  • Leaders Mindset Whitepaper
  • Leaders Mindset Diagnostic
  • Relevant articles and podcasts to support your journey


Investment is $5,500




Delayer to Leader

Trina Limpert
2020 President, Women@eBay

“What I learned from Cathy motivated me to create programs for women which this year (2020) were recognized as “diversity initiative of the year” by Women in IT. “

Janelle King
CEO, Omnium Technology

“As a woman CEO in tech, Cathy has helped me let go of old thinking that never allowed me to pause, learn, reflect and grow, as there was always the next goal. Now there is no more second guessing, hiding or holding back.” 

Delayer to Leader
Delayer to Leader

Susan Kulas

“In times of immeasurable change and great uncertainty, we sometimes need to borrow someone else’s belief in ourselves and possibilities for our lives, until we can restore our own. This is what Cathy Burke has powerfully done for me, lending her strength and clarity – through times of monumental personal change.”

Joris Heeze
Director, SPS Operations Americas and EMEA, Amazon

“Cathy makes everyone she works with accountable, empowered and ready for their success. She has made me a better leader, father and friend.”

About Cathy Burke


Cathy is a trusted, wise head for leaders who have big dreams and a lot going on. She mentors ambitious, heart-centred people who want to expand their impact.

For twenty years, Cathy was CEO for The Hunger Project Australia, and then Global Vice President, working to end hunger across South Asia and Africa.

She now works globally with executives, teams and dynamic individuals to develop the capabilities, mindsets and heart needed to address 21st Century challenges.

Cathy is a winner of the AFR Top 100 Women of Influence award and the Australian Davos leadership award. She is the author of Lead In: Mindsets to Lead, Live and Work Differently (2022), and Unlikely Leaders: Lessons in Leadership from the Village Classroom (2015).

Cathy’s clients include: